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We provide complete swimming pool maintenance.
In fact, you can depend on our team to handle anything and everything that has to do with your swimming pool.
Find out more

Pool Covers

Pool covers are our speciality and we have a wide range of covers for you to choose from. Our selection includes the best makes and styles available, and we have fitted hundreds
Find out more

Pool Heating

KEEPING YOUR POOL AT 28º CELSIUS ALL YEAR ROUND. Using Piscimar heating system, means you can enjoy your pool well after the summer months.
Find out more

No matter what kind of swimming pool service you need, we can do it; and with over 10 years of professional experience, you know the job is going to be done right! We provide professional results and we service what we sell.

We provide complete swimming pool maintenance, repairs, pool renovation, pool cleaning and spa. In fact, you can depend on our team to handle anything and everything that has to do with your swimming pool. It’s our business, so you can expect the best and get the best. Let us do all the work so you don’t have to. All you need to do is enjoy a refreshing, cool swim in the sparkling water or soak up the sun while you enjoy the lasting beauty of your swimming pool. It’s no surprise that a beautiful pool increases the value of your property!

QUALITY, SERVICE and DEPENDABILITY - always our #1 priority at Tenerife Pool&Pool Service.
If it’s time to fix your swimming pool or completely renovate your pool, build a new pool, or if you need swimming pool service or pool equipment repairs; it’s time to call Tenerife Pool&Pool Service and get the job done by professionals!

  • Our workers are fully covered by worker’s comp and general liability
  • Fully Licensed and Accredited

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