Manual Pool Covers.


Manual Pool Covers in Tenerife – Low cost solution

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The manual pool cover that’s convenient enough for daily use since there are no bothersome straps, no sandbags, and no anchors are required to hold it in place. The Manual Pool Cover is an economical alternative to an automatic cover, offering the same life-saving and money-saving benefits at about half the price.

The pool cover moves through low-profile tracks to cover and uncover the pool, then stores on its own reel when not in use. Your pool can be covered in less than 60 seconds.

Most manual pool covers require two people to place the cover on or take the cover off the pool, but in some instances one person can operate our pool cover system. If at a later date you decide you’d like to upgrade your system to an automatic cover, you can use your existing track .

Customize your pool cover

Your manual pool cover system is made especially for your pool. Consult with our representative to help you choose the system to match your pool, design, and budget. Each custom system includes standard or optional components.

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