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Pool & Pool Renovations has been striving to be the leading swimming pool restoration company in Tenerife since its creation almost ten years ago. By using only the highest quality materials and a specialized staff of the most experienced craftsmen in the industry, it has been our mission to provide an innovative, creative and affordable solution for your pool renovation project. gresiteWe offer several options for your pool interior. In addition to white and colored plaster, Pool & Pool Renovations offers first quality material and great perfection in shape. The  tesseras are flat and perfectly squared at their angles and the joint is very  reduced. Thanks to high quality crystal, no tasks, pores or imperfections are to be found on the surface. Prepared for exposure to sun, rain, extreme heat or chill and resistant to sudden temperature changes. For its inalterability and resistance to time passing, shape, texture or colour is suitable for many applications. . It is presented on adhesive paper. Available upon request with silicone bead union (HT-K) or fiber-glass mesh. Available in a wide range of colours, ask.
  • Custom solid or mesh safety covers
  • Complete plumbing and equipment installation
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