Private & Community Pool Cleaning.


Residential Swimming Pool Maintenance

Why spend hours messing around with your pool, trying to clean it and get get it just right, when our highly trained and experienced maintenance team can take care of it for you when we can keep your pool looking its best all year round, at a very competitive price.

Our services are designed to allow you to maximise your valuable free time and take the worry out of owning a pool.

We can offer you an affordable and reliable pool maintenance contract on a yearly basis, backed by a professionals technical support  team. For a free quotation just call us or drop by at our retail office in Tenerife.

Community Swimming Pool Maintenance

Community pools are our speciality because we know just how important they are to everyone, from the administrators who are in charge of the pool, down to the bathers who use them everyday.

We have over 10 years experience in maintaining community pool in the Tenerife region and the knowledge we have accumulated enables us to care for community pools in the correct way.

Why should I have a pool maintenance company take care of my pool?

Whether you are a home owner or a property manager, your main worry is always pool safety.

Tenerife Pool n Pool have a team of experienced pool service staff that are trained to provide you with a complete pool cleaning service. which includes balancing the pool water correctly, inspecting the pool filtration equipment is working correctly and physically cleaning the water.

This helps to take the stress out having a pool and gives you peace of mind, knowing that your pool is in expert professional hands.

If you are looking for swimming pool maintenance in Tenerife South or anywhere in the Teberife then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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