Water Filtration.


Keeping the pool water clean is our main focus

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Pool & Pool’ Water Treatment is a complex challenge. We have offered comprehensive water treatment solutions for more then 10 years in Tenerife. Be it flocculation, filtration, pH value correction or disinfection of swimming pool water – our systems are inter-adjusted and individually combinable.

Our staff accompanies the swimming pool designer, builder and operator from the first concept to the successful commissioning. The target is the conception of ideal swimming pool water treatment.

With our systems and products, you get the ideal complete solution for swimming pool water treatment – independently from the technology used.

  • Our products are completely and intelligently integrated. With a very high percentage of in-house-production, we assure highest quality levels of swimming pool water.
  • Beside the system components themselves, we offer networking with the newest control technology.
  • We assists with the design: profiting from experience in swimming pool water treatment accumulated with projects throughout the whole world
  • Spare parts and customer service are available
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